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How often have you visited a monument or temple, and found yourself overwhelmed by the noise of guides screaming their way to their clients’ ears, thus rendering the experience a much less enjoyable one? At Pacto, we have decided to address the issue of acoustic pollution in places of interest for tourists.

At Pacto, we realize the challenges in guiding large groups while respecting the environment, allowing guests to receive the needed explanation perfectly, with the guide maintaining the control over the group at all times.

Pacto is the first and only travel agent in Indonesia to adopt the Vox Tours Radio Guide as an additional service to their GIT clients as on May 2013. A one – way communication tool from guide to their clients during the visits, this multi channel radio is ideal to guarantee a noise free environment during visits and thanks to its 96 channels allows multilingual tours.

A simple idea that has completely changed the way organized group tours are managed: the guide communicates with clients using a wireless microphone and visitors listen to the explanation through earpiece, even at a distance, while moving around at leisure. The use of only one earpiece only assure that the clients can move around safely, remaining aware of the surrounding environment. The service is currently available in Bali and soon to be expanded to the whole of Indonesia.

A much comfortable trips for clients, a noise – less journey and just another way to respect the environment. Because at Pacto we care.