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Pacto End Year Initiative – Giving Back to the Community.

PT Pacto held its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), Saturday (Dec 13), at two locations. Pacto Bali Prima Holidays implemented the cleanup of waste plastic at Jatiluwih tourist area and the Pacto Inbound Bali donated some amount of cash, stationery and used clothes at Semara Putra Orphanage, Klungkung. Both also donated dustbins at Kertagosa Klungkung and Pura Besi Kalung Jatiluwih.

The cleanup action was led by GM of Bali Prima Holidays, Ms. Rika Larasati, by involving about 40 people. All the participants explored along the trekking route of Jatiluwih, the tourist area designated by the UNESCO as a World Cultural Heritage. Although doing dirty work, they looked cheerful in harmony with the atmosphere of that sunny morning, never hesitating to pick up rubbish from the bush.  After saying prayers, they also cleaned up the temple area. Attended by all the apparatus of the temple and Utu customary village, they could make the temple area into being clean.

Aside from cleanup service, PT Pacto also handed over three sets of trolley dustbin and four standing dustbins. The assistance was given by the Chief Operating Officer Inbound, Mr. Umberto Cadamuro, accompanied by GM of Bali Prima Holidays, Ms. Rika Larasati, received by the apparatus of the Besi Kalung Temple, Mr. Ketut Mertana.

Mr. Umberto said that each year PT Pacto always organized a social event with the purpose of sharing with the community, so that the successful performance of Pacto’s staff was also the success of community. “The better their performance, the more we can return to the community,” he said.

In addition, explained Umberto, there were many lessons to be learned from the social activities that could help form the character and mentality of the staff.

For example, villagers already showed an awareness of maintaining and protecting the environment, such as setting up the ban of cutting trees, shooting birds and fishing within 5 km of the Temple.

In addition to caring for others, PT Pacto also held a family gathering in an effort to increase the sense of family. The event, taking place at Waterbom, was attended by about 500 people, staff and families of Bali Prima Holidays, Pacto Inbound Bali and Pacto Inbound Jakarta. The event included The Best Employees Awards and the distribution of door prizes.

The GM of the Pacto Inbound Bali, Mr. Freddy Rompas, said the large family gathering was held every year, but the location was different. It was meant to seek a new atmosphere, so that it became more interesting and fun. “The event is meant to gather the entire family,” he said.

They, explained Mr. Freddy, could meet and chat with their family. Understandably, they were busy with daily work. In the morning before their children woke up, they had to work and went home after they fell asleep. “We deliberately gave their time with family. “This event also serves as a venue for family members to know one another,” he said.

Mr. Manik, the English-speaking tour guide, said that he was always grateful because among his bustles of escorting guests he had been given the opportunity to be on vacation with family. Not only that, the company also provided rewards and surprise as evidence of the company’s attention to tour guides as partners. “The event is full of togetherness and really beautiful,” he said.

Similar comment was given by Mr. Septian Abrar Firdaus Al-Azmy, the man who was awarded The Best Employee. He would like to thank the company that had been very concerned about performance. Other than being grateful, through the award he would also continue to improve himself and provide the best, especially in the field of services.

Likewise, Mrs. Komang Sukerti who won the door prize in the form of a motorcycle could not hide her happiness. This calm woman was quite happy for the attention given by the company over the years. The activity did not only gather the family, but also shared door prizes. “Honestly this kind of activity can motivate us to work harder and thank for the concern extended by the company,” she said. (BTN/015)