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Jakarta, 24 March 2015.

In line with the expansion of CSR activities of Pacto tours & travel in eastern part of Indonesia, Pacto donated 3,000 books to libraries in Eastern Indonesia. This book donation, delivered through the non-profit organization, Rainbow Reading Gardens, founder of children's libraries in remote areas in Eastern Indonesia. The donation has been presented by the Chief Operating Officer Inbound of Pacto Ltd., Umberto Cadamuro, to the founder of Rainbow Reading Gardens, Nila Tanzil.

In his speech, Umberto Cadamuro said that the book donation is one of the Corporate Social Responsibility program performed by the company, the leading Destination Management Company (DMC) in Indonesia since 1967. "For this program, we are collaborating with Rainbow Reading Gardens which to date has established an outstanding 29 children's libraries spread across 14 islands, including and surrounding Flores, Lombok, Sumbawa, Timor, Alor, Sulawesi, Banda Neira, South Halmahera, and Papua".

"We hope that this contribution can help to increase children's interest in reading, especially those living in remote areas in eastern Indonesia, by providing access to good quality book, as well as to inspire more people to participate, and share the awareness of how important it is to grow the interest of Indonesian children to start reading from the young age, thus that will grow and broaden their knowledge ", said Umberto.

Founder of Rainbow Reading Gardens, Nila Tanzil, expressed her gratitude for the support provided by Pacto to Rainbow Reading Gardens. "Rainbow Reading Gardens is committed to continue to foster interest in reading of children who live in rural areas in eastern Indonesia, by providing access to good quality books. For that, we are very grateful for the contribution from Pacto. We hope this cooperation is the beginning of other collaboration for the sake of betterment of children in Eastern Indonesia ", closed Nila.