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Upon arrival at Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II International Airport in Palembang, your PACTO Tour guide from our representative agent will meet and greet you, transfer directly to the hotel in Palembang for overnight.

Day 02 PALEMBANG – Exploring the Heritage of Sriwijaya

Breakfast at the hotel. At the appointed time, the tour guide will meet and greet you, starting the day of exploring the city with visits to the Museum Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II, situated by the grand Musi River, Kuto Besak Fort, and the New of Museum of South Sumatera. Then sample traditional Palembang food from a local restaurant. (To be paid independently)

Continue exploring on the unforgettable Musi River Cruise. You’ll see a number of charming traditional houseboats, then pass under the Ampera bridge to see the colorful floating market known as Pasar 16 Ilir. Next you’ll see the bustling Boom Baru main harbor, and the massive Pusri Fertilizer Plant. Your cruise continues with a visit to historic Kemaro Island in the middle of the Musi River. Here you’ll see a large Buddhist temple and the ancient grave of a Chinese princess. Every year the final joyful celebrations of Chinese New Year are held here. Proceed to the hotel for overnight

Day 03 PALEMBANG – Full day excursion

Breakfast at the hotel. At the appointed time, your guide will meet and greet you for the drive to Goa Putri (Princess Cave) which is located 230 kilometers from Palembang. This astounding cave is filled of stalactites and stalagmites which join to form spectacular pillars. Goa Putri measures 160 meters long and is 20 meters wide, with a tranquil pond enhancing the center of this natural wonder. The pond originates from the flow of the Semuhun and Ogan Rivers. The peaceful darkness of the cave is softly illuminated with low watt bulbs in various locations. Lunch will be provided en route at a local restaurant serving Indonesian food. Proceed to the hotel for overnight.

Day 04 PALEMBANG/HOTEL – Transfer for departure

Breakfast at the hotel. At the appointed time, transfer directly to the airport for your onward flight to your next destination.




Day 1 : Arrived Tanjung Pandan – Tanjung Tinggi

Arrival at Tanjung Pandan airport, where you’ll be met by your guide. For those arriving a bit hungry from the early morning flight, you’ll have a chance to stop in Tanjung Pandan for an exotic breakfast of Mie Belitung, a famously delicious noodle dish with shrimp curry. This dish is a specialty of the Sumatran town of Belitung. There’s also a convenient supermarket just across from the noodle restaurant where you can stock up before proceeding to your hotel in Tanjung Tinggi for check-in.

When you first see beautiful Pelabuhan Bilik beach at Tanjung Tinggi, you’ll want to jump straight into the water and spend a few hours swimming and working up an appetite. Make sure to bring along some extra clothes as you many want to rinse off and change before lunch.

With plenty of time left in the day, you can head back to the beachfront to take photos and explore the distinctive granite boulders. You’ll find some cozy shaded spots amongst the boulders where you can stretch out and relax. For the active types, a hike along the beach toward the eastern edge brings you to a shallow river estuary. A climb up some of the larger boulders rewards you with an amazing view.

Snorkeling and surfing are readily available on the beach as well. (You can rent a mini surf board for an additional fee). The best place for snorkeling in Tanjung Tinggi is about 100 meters from the right side of Pelabuhan Bilik beach, at the edge of the biggest granite boulder peninsula. If you would like to go snorkeling on your first day, please let us know so we can prepare the equipment. We also provide life jackets for inexperienced snorkelers.

Do save a bit of energy, though, because there is still something special to see in the hamlet of Tanjung Binga about 15 minutes from Tanjung Tinggi. Tanjung Binga is a fishing village and we’ll take you to the little harbors of Tanjung Binga to watch the local fisherman at work. There are two harbors here where you’ll take in the lovely view, including the small island chains of Kera and Lutung

Your location affords a choice of lovely sunset views. You may elect to return to Tanjung Tinggi and the granite peninsula in front of Conbu restaurant which provides as wonderful aspect, especially from atop the granite boulders. If you decide to enjoy the sunset from Tanjung Tinggi, we will also take you to Bukit Berahu, a hill which provides the best unobstructed view.

The second alternative for sunset viewing is from Tanjung Binga, at the Bukit Berahu restaurant. The view from this place is also stunning as Bukit Berahu is on a hill facing the full expanse of the western coast. You may like to venture down the hundreds of stairs along the hill where you can view the sunset against a foreground of charming fishing boats. After sunset you’ll have dinner en route back to your hotel for the night’s accommodation in Tanjung Tinggi.

Day 2 : Tanjung Tinggi – Island Trip – Tanjung Tinggi

Breakfast at the hotel. Continuing on to Tanjung Kelayang Beach where you’ll catch a boat and visit the many islands of Belitung. Lunch will be served en-route. The trip includes:

Babi Island (Aji Island) :

Our first stop is at Sands Island next to Babi Island, where you won’t be able to resist jumping in the crystal clear water. You’ll find great snorkeling here too. Alternatively, if you don’t feel like swimming, you’ll find the fantastic view of the white sands and granite boulders absolutely captivating. An easy stroll around the tiny Island and along this idyllic beach is not to be missed.

Bird Island :

The next stop is Burong (bird) island. You’ll cruise 20 minutes by fishing boat to reach this island. Burong Island is a giant granite boulder shaped like a bird’s head. The beach surrounding this island is also unique and you can explore the island by hiking along the beach.

Lengkuas Island :

There are three unique and spectacular experiences to be had on Langkuas Island, a tiny oasis less than one kilometer square. The first unique feature of Lengkuas that you’ll see is its historical lighthouse. It was built to its 50m height in 1882 by Dutch colonists. Make sure to bring your camera, as you’re free to climb up to the top to take in the second unique experience of Lengkuas, the breathtaking panorama. The view from the top soon calls you to the third singular experience of Lengkuas; swimming in sparkling clear sea water that feels like your own private pool. While on the beach, a short 100m walk takes you on an adventure to neighboring small and rocky island. Our crew will accompany you on your Lengkuas journey.

The beach atmosphere is so relaxed, with a big ketapang tree to shade you from the sun, and the pure white sand peninsula as your personal playground. There are 2 small islands formed by granite boulders that you can reach by just swimming or walking across the sea water. The underwater life on Legkuas is incredible; this is the best place for snorkeling. Or if you like fishing, you can hop on a fishing boat to take you to the fishing area just in front of Lengkuas Island.

Batu Berlayar Island:

We’ll also stop by Batu Berlayar Island, a picturesque atoll of sand and boulders shaped like a sail; hence the people of Belitung named it Batu Berlayar (rocky sail) Island. We then continue our journey to another granite boulder named the Garuda rock, located at the edge of the Tanjung Kelayang peninsula. This boulder reminds some people of Stonehenge in Scotland because a giant granite boulder is suspended above two other boulders as if placed there by unknown hands

After your island exploration, you’ll head back to Tanjung Kelayang beach to enjoy the sunset, then on to a local restaurant for dinner, ending back at your hotel for the night’s accommodation.

NOTES: If the waves are too big, there is a possibility that you may not fully enjoy the trip to the islands as swimming and snorkeling are not possible in rough seas. It is also quite risky to be in a fishing boat when the waves are high. In the condition of rough seas we ask for your understanding if we need to reroute the island hopping program to East Belitung (Manggar, Burung Mandi, Vihara Dewi Kwan Im, Bukit Batu) or beaches in Membalong for safety considerations. Rough sea conditions can be common from December - March.

Day 3 : Tanjung Tinggi – East Belitung

Breakfast at the hotel. Depending on the weather conditions, this 3rd day program may be shifted to the second day, as we want to ensure that your island trip, which would then be on day 3, is enjoyable.

Today is going to be an interesting day. Your destination is the East coast of Belitung, to the area of Belitung Timur. This area can be reached by a 2 hour trip from Tanjung Pandan or 2.5 hours from the beaches of Tanjung Tinggi or Tanjung Binga. The journey is quite fun since you can see the village-dotted countryside of rural Belitung with its hills and palm oil plantations. We provide you with snacks and drinks during the journey.

Next, you’ll proceed to Manggar, the second largest city in Belitung after Tanjungpandan, the regency capital. One of the main destinations along the way is Bukit Samak, an historic hill in the city of Manggar. The expansive sea view on the hill was once enjoyed by 19th century Dutch Tin Mining executives. This area was once their neatly organized elite residential area, however today only the foundations and the gorgeous view remain. You’ll have a chance to relax and enjoy lunch in Bukit Samak, which is included in your tour package.

You’ll continue by heading down the hill and into the center of the city of Manggar, famed as The City of Thousands of Coffee Shops. You can stop by one of coffee shops to enjoy the area, order a richly flavored Sumatran coffee while enjoying the gulf views of Manggar city (coffee not included in the package). One of the wonderful local sights of Manggar is Serdang beach. Here you’ll find a white sand beach with bigger waves than the beaches of Tanjung Tinggi. Traditional fishing boats, called katir, display their colorful sails or lie resting on the beach.

From Manggar you’ll continue you journey heading west on the way back to Tanjung Pandan. On the way you can stop at 3 great sights about 18km from Manggar. You’ll stop at Burung Mandi beach, the Dewi Kwan Im temple and Bukit Batu. You’ll enjoy stopping by this beach as it’s a completely different vista from the other beaches you’ve visited. The Dewi Kwan Im temple is a fascinating place where you can try the "wishing" service, if you like. You won’t be catching the same spectacular sunsets as you previous two days, although you many depart from Manggar earlier to view the sunset from Tanjung Pendam beach in Tanjungpandan. We provide snacks and drinks during this part of the program.

Next you’ll continue on back to the hotel for your accommodation. Dinner will be served en-route.

Day 4 : Tanjung Tinggi – Transfer Out

Breakfast at the hotel. In accordance with your flight schedule or check out time we’ll transfer you to the airport for your next destination.

NOTES: There’s an additional fee if you choose a flight Schedule after 12.00 noon (additional amount to be advised)